Only In Madagascar

Lured by the how exotic Madagascar seemed, this was my next destination.  I came here because of the unique flora and fauna of the island.  Little did I know that I would be intrigued just as equally by its people, culture and way of life.

Gray Mouse Lemur

When you typically visit Africa, you do a lot of driving.  But you find yourself seeing so much more than scenery while on the road, because the main arteries take you through villages where we were a witness to the daily lives of the Malagasy which were an interesting people with a mixture of African, South East Asian and Arabic taking on different aspects of each culture.

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There were many handicrafts that the Malagasy were very proud of to display

Madagascar is a very large island with vast different landscapes throughout

There are a lot of flora and fauna in Madagascar that is unique to just this island

Of course one of the main reasons to go is to see the ever loved lemurs that were much easier to spot and see than I had ever imagined.


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