Newfoundland: The Rock

I’ve spent the past decade traveling all over the world and I am only now experiencing the beauty of my own country.  This summer’s travels took me to Newfoundland, the most easterly province.  Here we learned about geology, saw marine life, did coastal walks and engaged with Canada’s friendliest people.

Throughout our travels, we loved the colourful homes especially in St John’s.  I think I would like to live in a pink house!

We enjoyed the stunning scenery of the province especially in Gros Morne National Park.  It included stunning lakes, mountains, waterfalls and fjords.

Gros Morne National Park also included the Tablelands which is where there is exposed tectonic plate.  We learned how when the world was one mega continent with Newfoundland in the centre and therefore has geology matching different parts of the world.

For all of those who enjoy hiking, each national park and coastal town had plenty of walks to go on.

The coastal towns of Trinity, Bonavista and Twillingate were picturesque as well.

Being coastal, lighthouses were abundant.  Being cold, so were woollen socks and mitts.  For the musical, unique instruments were to be found…I’se the b’y!

We went in late August which meant that we missed the icebergs and lobster season.  We were at the very end of whale season and just barely saw a fin.  But we saw lots of puffins.


Ethiopia: Culture, History, & Nature

My recent trip to Ethiopia offered so many varied experiences.  Ethiopia offeres cultural, historical, and natural experiences to the traveller.  Unfortunately, in our limited time, we were unable to do everything, which may mean that we will one day return.  Here’s a taste of what we did experience while there.

Ethiopia is known for their rock hewn churches.  Our itinerary did not highlight these churches, so therefore we missed out the famous one, Lalibela,  but we managed to see a few. Abraha we Atsbeha has beautiful paintings inside unlike other churches in the area which were burned.  It was so interesting to see stories of the bible depicted with African figures.


At Wukro Cherkos, the paintings were less and you could see the burn marks.  We happened to be visiting at a time of pilgrimage and we were able to witness the priest giving holy water


Medhane Alem Kesho was my favourite church.  You can really see how they built it out of the rock.  This church has carvings instead of paintings.  The bottom right hand photo is where milk and honey flow from this rock once a year on March 19th.


Although not known for its animals like its neighbouring country, Kenya, to the south, we did get to see some animals while we were there.


Highlights of our trip were being able to visit with the tribes of Omo Valley.



Observing Ethiopians in the everyday life was interesting.  How hard they work.  The food they eat.  The way they make their bee hives.


Our other highlight was the Danakil depression


salt mine



Ethiopia is also known as the cradle of civilization.  Lucy was found here, so of course we went to visit her


We will one day return to explore more of the churches, historical cities and to do hiking in the different mountains.

Only In Madagascar

Lured by the how exotic Madagascar seemed, this was my next destination.  I came here because of the unique flora and fauna of the island.  Little did I know that I would be intrigued just as equally by its people, culture and way of life.

Gray Mouse Lemur

When you typically visit Africa, you do a lot of driving.  But you find yourself seeing so much more than scenery while on the road, because the main arteries take you through villages where we were a witness to the daily lives of the Malagasy which were an interesting people with a mixture of African, South East Asian and Arabic taking on different aspects of each culture.

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There were many handicrafts that the Malagasy were very proud of to display

Madagascar is a very large island with vast different landscapes throughout

There are a lot of flora and fauna in Madagascar that is unique to just this island

Of course one of the main reasons to go is to see the ever loved lemurs that were much easier to spot and see than I had ever imagined.

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